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60 Day SEO Plan

The 60 Day 


If you found our site on-line, then the 60 Day SEO plan works!

When building our project planning website (Gantt Chart Template), we found plenty of information about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), but no plan as to how to perform tasks and in what order to undertake them.  


 After a month researching SEO and being no clearer, I am so glad that I bought your product.  Suddenly everything seemed to click into place.

November 2010 - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Thanks so much for this product, simple, easy steps with a schedule.  Just what I needed to get off the couch!

November 2010 - Edmonton, Canada

I got through the 60 days in just 10 - managed to get me motivated.  This has really produced results for my site.  Now in both Yahoo and Google.

November 2010 - Fyshwick, ACT, Australia

Timing and order are critical to getting your site into major search engines.  To address this issue and make it simple for non-experts to do kick-start their own SEO program, we build the 60 Day SEO Plan.  The plan has been developed to provide 80 actionable steps to be undertaken over 60 days.  The SEO plan is designed to Kick-Start your SEO activity.  Ongoing maintenance beyond the scope of the plan will ensure that you maintain and improve your search ranking.

As a novice, we found it took us 5 months to get listed in Google.

We found that Yahoo picked up our site, but we just couldn't seem to get listed in Google.  The 60 day SEO plan compresses what we managed to achieve in the first 12 months of development for into an easily achievable 60 days.  We have assumed that you will most likely be doing other things as well as your site SEO, and the plan is built on the assumption you will only spend 2 hours per day on your SEO activity.  It is possible to complete all the steps in the SEO plan in just 10 working days if you focus on the steps full time.

When starting off in SEO, we found that the web was a large place with too much information.  As with any project knowing the steps and the order in which to take them is really what is needed to make progress.  The sheer volume of information didn't help.  What is of more use than an avalanche of information is a plan!  After searching, and search, and searching, we simply couldn't find a plan.

In our view the ideal plan would not just provide the steps to be taken, but also where to undertake the steps (recommended submission sites, article sites etc).  So the SEO plan has been developed to give you, not just the steps to take, the order, and timings, but also links to key resources to assist you in completing that task.

Contrary to what many may state, SEO is not a magic process that can only be undertaken by a selected few.  It is a simple and logical process that can be undertaken just as effectively by anyone with a high school education as a masters in SEO.

So what is the 60 day SEO Plan?

Quite simply the SEO plan is a sophisticated project plan developed in Microsoft Excel.  

Given that we invested 3 years in developing the range of project planning tools for excel, we decided to build the 60 Day SEO Plan in our premier product (Chartgantt Ultimate) which sells for $58 USD alone.  Using this template provides some very unique benefits:

  • There is no need to buy an accompanying project planning tool (as there would if we had built it in MS Project)
  • It is very simple to use, you just need to update your project start date - Voila! The plan is automatically adjusted to your time frame.
  • As you complete steps in your plan you can update the task status which is shown by changing colours (traffic light reporting)

 We are so confident of the value of the SEO plan that if you have followed the plan and have not achieved a listing in Google, we will refund your purchase.

Click on the buy now button to go to the product page which will give further product, license, and purchase information.

You require excel 2007 as a minimum to operate this product.

SEO Plan